Summer 2012

vol Vol VI. No.2 vol

Editor's Note

This summer’s issue of Brink offers us a look at familiar experiences that are seldom named or examined. Evalon Witt recalls the time her electronic world grew smaller, while the world of Dylan Gilbert’s hero gets meaner. Hadley Hury’s narrator reflects on life thriving at home in his absence, while in “Somn” Len Krisak's protagonist tiptoes away from closeness in the night.

We’ve been there.

On the other hand, not all of us have been to Oklahoma City, but reading Will Eifert’s description made me want to buy a train ticket. C. Marie Runyan’s poem offers a kaleidoscopic snapshot of a moment. As for art, Lydia Harari's work channels comics, Shepard Fairey, and her own electric vision. And we urge you to read Len Krisak’s “Pear Tree in November,” the loveliest word painting we received this submission cycle.


Jenny Blair



Images by Radio Free Clear Light


Will Eifert

  • Oklahoma City...

C. Marie Runyan

  • A Flash of Present Life

Len Krisak

  • Somn
  • Pear Tree in November

Hadley Hury

  • Photos of Our New Hydrangeas


Evalon Witt

Chess With A Stranger

Nonfiction - Engrossed in playing a game of Chess with Friends, Evalon starts wondering who her online opponent is.

Dylan Gilbert


Fiction - On a detour from the gym, a recently separated man seems to reconnect with someone from his past.


Radio Free Clear Light


Art - These images demonstrate RFCL's focus on the process of creation.